The other half of our managing director duo, Simon, began his journey working under Mr Keith Gunn many years ago at the original ‘Keith Gunn Electrical services’. Simon is Mr Keith Gunn’s nephew and helped build Keith Gunn’s original reputation in the city of Edinburgh.

When Mr Keith Gunn had to step down from his role for medical reasons in 2015, he passed the torch to Simon and Chris who established ‘Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions’ as we know it today. Simon has helped carry on the excellent reputation and level of service clients of Keith Gunn have come to expect from the name and hopes to continue it on in Edinburgh for many years to come.

When the opportunity arose to expand to Glasgow, Simon and Chris used their own second names this time and established Harkins & Vickers Electrical Solutions in 2022. Simon now employs the knowledge and skills he gained while working for Mr Keith Gunn to provide an unrivalled electrical service to clients in the Glasgow area.

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