Introducing H&V Electrical Solutions

Chris Harkins
02 Sep 2022
Harkins and vickers van

Our Latest Venture In The Electrician Industry Outside Of Edinburgh – H&V Electrical Solutions

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest expansion in the electrical solutions industry – H&V Electrical Solutions.

The Story So Far…

Our journey began 30 years ago and to this day we remain an established brand in the city of Edinburgh, throughout this time we have sharpened our skills and honed our talents allowing us to become experts in all aspects of electrical work. We have received countless positive reviews, completed huge bespoke projects, and made a ton of friends and connections along the way. With Keith Gunn thriving in Edinburgh, it seems like the perfect time to offer our services to the wider public under the banner of H&V solutions.

Woman using screwdriver

We aim to draw from our learned skills, knowledge, and experience to catapult H&V into one of the best electrical solutions companies in Scotland and beyond.

Breaking Into A New Market

In our expansion, the next natural step for us is Glasgow, a beautiful city with a huge electrician market. We have worked in Glasgow before, however, H&V’s main aim will be to penetrate this market. We have found that despite having the backing of a strong brand such as Keith Gunn, this has been a difficult challenge.

To ensure the business thrives in a new market we have had to ensure we have the best processes at all levels of the business. This included creating a new website with a state-of-the-art booking system that allows customers to get a quick and easy quote for every service we offer without having to go through a lengthy enquiry process. Creating a top-class website was essential to keep the business relevant in a landscape where digital marketing is becoming increasingly prevalent. We also had to design new branding and find new premises to set up shop in Glasgow, you can see our branding for yourself here. (Image of H&V vans).

Chris checking lightbulb

Building a customer base in a new city has also been an exciting challenge for us. Our client base in Edinburgh has become large over the years and we hope that our name has travelled across the central belt, however, we must rapidly grow our Glaswegian awareness if we are to obtain a sizeable market share in the city. This involves employing direct outreach strategies and using digital marketing aimed at potential Glaswegian clients.

Closing Statements

I am hugely excited to embark on this journey with my business partner and friend Simon Vickers

Keep an eye out for our new fleet on the street!

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